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The internal Tai Chi. Scientifically designed to revitalize your organ health, endocrine system and wake up your energy system, you will detoxify daily, create better sleeping patterns, reduce stress and train your nervous system to stay young. An alternative Chinese medicine, this Medical Chi Kung system is the most economical long-term resource for holistic healthcare and reducing medical bills. Medical Chi Kung overcomes the illusion of illness, providing you knowledge and a specific practice to heal naturally.

An INTRODUCTION TO the Medical Chi Kung (QiGong) Course, covering the many benefits, can be seen in the video below.

The next group Chi Kung course starts

January 11th,  Sunday from 5pm – 6:15 pm, Uptown.

Medical Chi Kung Course held over 12 classes at $34 per class.

If you require financial assistance, please let us know.

Medical Chi Kung

This Medical Chi Kung Course is a specialized training system that will become a lifestyle and daily practice for health and longevity, strength and maintaining a young nervous system.

This practice teaches you how to safely self-heal with the God given powers inside of your mind and body. The base practice of this sacred art has been passed down from the Yang family in China. For today’s world in desperate need of daily detoxification and healing, this practice has expanded into a  Medical Chi Kung course which is required to sense energy and heal from the inside out.

In the body is life force or energy also called Chi or Prana. Kung means cultivation. In Medical Chi Kung we cultivate then move our Chi within the body to heal the organs and open up the main energy pathways called meridians or channels which are used in acupuncture or the nadis and chakras discussed in the yogic traditions. In this course the main channel of the body, the conception and governing vessel will be opened and strengthened so the remaining meridians of the body can flourish.

You will learn therapeutic exercises to: improve digestive function, increase and regulate hormone production, revitalize your organs, train and keep your nervous system young, increase and regulate energy, improve posture and regulate sleep, and enjoy faster recovery times after surgeries or other physical traumas. These are just some of the benefits.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover your own internal medicine and, most importantly, how to use it!

QiGong for Life

The Benefits Of Practicing Medical Chi Kung

Regulates And Manages Stress

Revitalizes Your Immune System

A Natural Preventative Medicine

Rids Your Body Of Unknown Illnesses

Repairs, Regulates, And Increases Hormone Production

Revitalize Organ Function

Regulates And Improves Digestion

Improves And Regulates Quality Of Sleep

Provides Daily Detoxification Absolutely Necessary In Today’s World.

Increases And Renews The Sex Drive, Provides A Second Youth

Trains Both Your Brain And Lungs

Trains Your Nervous System To Stay Young

Close To Doubles The Body’s Strength

Improves Athletic Function And Posture

Therapy For Past Traumas, Precautionary Therapy, And In Recovery

Teaches You To Regulate, Increase, Feel And Understand Your Energy

Provides A Daily Mental, Physical And Spiritual Routine That Becomes Life Changing

Chinese History of Chi Kung

Historically ruling Chinese emperors had all perceived powers imaginable, virtually everything but immortality. Wanting to live forever, those emperors throughout history sought immortality by employing the wisest healers and scientists of their time. From the quest for immortality came two medicines that were discovered. People seeking to take their power and place derived the first medicine from herbs resulting in the poisoning and murder of many emperors; this type of death can be seen throughout all of history. The second group found that the best medicine is already inside of our bodies. And from this knowledge came Medical Chi Kung that has continually been revised and improved for over thousands of years. Today Chi Kung has morphed into today’s results, which are different for different practitioners.

MEDICAL CHI KUNG POWERMany Chi Kung practices and styles exist throughout the world.  The non moving Chi Kung was passed down as the Internal Martial Art’s style, which correlates, to Medical Chi Kung.

During the warring times in China somewhere in 400 B.C. forms of Chi Kung developed that were used for healing and also for martial use.

All life is energy and Chi Kung is the practice of moving and cultivating that energy within the body to heal the organs and open up the main pathways or meridians. This particular style or practice is focused on cultivating the Chi and moving it strictly inside the body. There is very little movement externally or with the limbs of the body.

To understand this I speak to the theory of this Chi Kung practice. Whereas, certainly a person can push a car to make it move, however why not first charge the battery and make sure all electrical connections are functioning so the interworking of the car can be better understood? In this way every time with practice the battery becomes stronger and you move the car with little or no effort. This style of Static/Medical Chi Kung takes the path of learning to drive the Chi after it is cultivated so the benefits of the body working properly can afford the benefits mentioned in the video found on the home page.

Some intriguing facts about Chi Kung:

In China there are hospitals based solely on Chi Kung in order to heal patients from diseases of all kinds. Surgeries, free of anesthesia, are performed using Chi Kung administered by the doctors to regulate the pain.

There have been cases where patients, who have had no success with western medicine, have experienced complete healing using the Chi Kung system in China.

Please note: The first level of this form of Chi Kung has traditionally been taught over the course of two years. This course has been reconfigured so that it can be taught in three months. However, the student is expected to continue the practice for an additional three months before they may advance to the next level of this form.

And, as always, please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other physical regimen if you have serious health concerns. This class may not be appropriate for those individuals with a personal or familial history of serious mental disorders. Please contact the instructor if you fall into this category.

What is the difference between Meditation and Medical Chi Kung?

Meditation focuses in the mind and from there delves deeply into what is going on inside of you. Tools are learned for entering, and understanding, what is going on with the thinking process often trapped in patterns. Understanding the nature of your communication centers, processing your emotions, and evolving in your awareness are some of the areas covered in guided meditation classes.

Medical Chi Kung focuses on the energy of the body for self healing and is a deep daily meditation practice requiring concentration, as well as relaxation. It is specifically designed, scientifically, to open the energy meridians of the body – safely and effectively. It is a very powerful practice used for self healing. The benefits are vast, as can be seen in this video above or read below.


It is an honor to be of service to you.

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